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Flacon_MOCT show.jpg

For it's first edition MOCT is taking place at Flacon, Design factory.

Flacon Art Street
Outdoor festival
18 - 22 July  

Flacon Cube
24 July - 8 August
2pm - 9pm


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The concept


MOCT serves as a platform to create a comprehensive experience by bringing together international artists of various cultural fields.

MOCT will take place once a year in Moscow and is looking to expand to other countries.


The first edition titled Future Relics displays an immersive scenery composed of works that range between history and futuristic visions. This utopian landscape highlights the intermediate state of an ever expanding globalised world through various artistic points of view.

It will be an active experience for visitors, by encountering works that allow an instinctive access as well as having a strong conceptual background. From site-specific, engaging installations and extraordinary artworks to films and performances.


Alexandre Bavard · French

MOCT_Alexandre Bavard, Bulky, Palais de Tokyo, 2017. Score by Alexandre Bavard, choreography by Manue Soum.

Bulky is a performance exploring rituals to understand the future and apprehend the here and now. 

Alexandre Bavard, Bulky, Palais de Tokyo, 2017. 
Score by Alexandre Bavard, choreography by Manue Soum.

Julian Charrière · Swiss

julian-charriere-iroojrilik-2016_MOCT show 2018.jpg

Aspects of anthropogenic aftermaths by bridging cultural history and environmental science.

Julian Charrière, Iroojrilik, 2016

Dashi Namdakov · Russian

MOCT_Dashi Namdakov, Guardian of Baikal installation.jpeg

A virtual reality journey through parallel worlds to the envisioned sculpture at Lake Baikal. 

Dashi Namdakov, Guardian of Baikal, 2017

Anastasia Potemkina · Russian

MOCT_Anastasia Potemkina, Untitled, 2018.png

Ecosystems exploring an alternative relationship between technological and the new ecological thinking .

Anastasia Potemkina, Untitled, 2018


Colin Snapp · American

Colin Snapp, website image.png

Still and moving image that portrays our outdoor pastimes through an alien eye. 

Colin Snapp, TC Studies, 2013-2018



Palmbomen II

Palmbomen II



Jess & Crabbe

Jess & Crabbe

Alexis Le Tan

Alexis Le Tan

Daily warm-up cocktails

Everyday live and Mix Sessions at Flacon, Art Street


Flacon cinema MOCT show.jpg

Daily Screenings

24 July - 10 August

MOCT presents a selection of movies complementing each year's theme.

In collaboration with Potemkine Paris

Gummo - Harmony Korine

Gummo - Harmony Korine

Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World - Werner Herzog

Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World - Werner Herzog

The Last of Us - Ala Eddine Slim

The Last of Us - Ala Eddine Slim

Evolution - Lucile Hadzihalilovic

Evolution - Lucile Hadzihalilovic

Les Garçons Sauvages - Bertrand Mandico

Les Garçons Sauvages - Bertrand Mandico

How I Ended This Summer - Aleksei Popogrebski

How I Ended This Summer - Aleksei Popogrebski




Children program

Artistic workshop by Pablo Cots.






MOCT Foodcourt

MOCT Baristas

Coffee and Fresh Juices